Create Your Own Listings

Products from Scratch

If you are a brand or a manufacturer, you are not limited to the existing listings. Create products from scratch and be the author of your own listings if you are not grabbing the existing ones.

Same Inventory Multiple Listings? 

Flexible and Smart Selling

Alternate and Alias SKUs enables you to market your products differently on the same or separate marketplaces.Create multiple listings of the same inventory by changing the description, images, etc, or by just changing the SKU.

Take Control of Your Data

Catalog Management

Rule your eCommerce market with powerful multichannel catalog-management tools. Bulk editing, data overriding, business rules, lookup tables, have the base product data be overridden on channel level will give you leverage for growing your eCommerce business.

Adapt to Your Marketplaces

Data Templates and Mapping

Map your product data with the correct category and field at each marketplace depending on their specific requirements. Display your data in different formatted shapes depending on your marketplace strategy.



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