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We have developed StoreAutomator based on our over 10 years of experience in global marketplaces, especially in Amazon. We constantly evolve and develop ourselves while following global trends and changing milestones of customer decision journey. The key to our success is that we approach ecommerce as both buyer and seller. We do the best job we ever know, just like you.




Multichannel Management

Don’t get lost among your channels. Manage your channels effectively on a single dashboard provided by StoreAutomator.

Amazon Repricer

Be the winner of Amazon Buy Box by adapting to daily or even hourly price changes in your competitive environment by using StoreAutomator repricing tool.


Product Data Management

Gain flexibility and productivity by using two separate levels of product data management: inventory and channel.

Extensive Analytics

Use accurate and extensive reporting StoreAutomator offers to develop your services and the experiences of your customers during your business.
"Store Automator give us the ability to expand and manage our huge catalog in multiple marketplaces. Its ability to handle multi-currency issue of selling in international markets is my favorite feature. Now I can see exactly how much I am making from each channel."
Kate P., Managing Partner
"We signed up with Store Automator to grow our sales through marketplace especially Amazon. The set-up process was easy, the program interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. and their customer service through this stage was excellent. Store Automator give us the ability to maximize our sales and profit margins in a short time plus presented us the ideas that deliver the insights we need to make performance-driven business decisions down to the product and channel level. Since working with them, we’ve seen our sales grow by 100%. We look forward to an exciting future with Store Automator."
Bash Y., Owner