Win More Sales

The online retail industry is complex and competitive.  As such, merchants have developed powerful strategies to be successful.  This is especially true for retailers in the Amazon Marketplace.

Buyers can search and compare multiple retailers’ products and pricing in mere seconds.  As a result, merchants must continuously modify their pricing to keep profits up!  

Is your online retail business doing this successfully today?  Are you adapting to changes daily…or even hourly…during regular and peak seasons to assure that your products are being viewed?

It’s no secret that online retailers do not have the time or capacity…especially if they have thousands of products…to research, review and adjust their pricing.  To maximize sales and profitability you must:

  • Monitor current conditions in the marketplace
  • Create pricing/profitability rules and strategies
  • Analyze all of your items quickly and easily
  • Reprice your products in real-time

This is where the StoreAutomator Repricer comes in. Automate these functions with flexible and user-friendly software that is built to meet the unique needs of the small and mid-size business who wants to compete! Optimize your sales opportunities and your pricing strategies and don’t miss out on another sale simply because you can’t keep track of it all.

StoreAutomator will do this for you – reach out to us today for additional information or schedule a live demo with our team!