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StoreAutomator Feature List

Multichannel Management

Listing Management

Product Catalog Management

Channel Product Data Feed Management Create New Product Listings Manual, Bulk Product Creating and Editing
Channel Product Inclusion Control Connect with Existing Product Listings Kits, Bundles Creating and Editing
Channel Data Output Templates Description and Title Templates Variant Types, Options, and Custom Fields Creating and Editing
Real-Time Inventory Sync Among Channels Full or Partial Listing Data Update Control Bullet Points, Tags, Search Terms Creating and Editing
Automatic Channel Currency Conversion Fast, Manual, Auto Listings Product Catalog Category Creating and Editing
Channel Products Data Creation, Update, Deletion Settings Product Data Target Field Mapping

Bulk Export, Import Product Catalog for Editing

Channel Order Download, Tracking Update Management Local Category - Taxonomy Mapping Bulk Editing Product Catalog Data on Popup Editor
Channel Pricing Management, Price Rule Settings, Min-Max Pricings Template, Option, Option Type, Custom Field Mapping Product Data Input Templates, Data eXchange
Channel Shipping Template, Shipping Settings Product Condition Mappings Unlimited Custom Field Attributes
Channel Tax Settings and Mappings Tags, Bullet Points, Search Terms Overrides Multi-supplier Multi Warehouse Product Inventory Management
Channel Inventory Masking, Channel-level Cutoff Qty Sku, Barcode, ASIN Overrides Brands and Product Grouping
Channel Data Feed Update History Description and Title Overrides Product Pricing, Min, Max, MAP, MSRP Pricing
Channel Warehouse Settings Products Price, Cost Overrides Product Business Pricing, Volume Pricing
Facebook, Bing, Google Shopping Product Feed Management Inventory Masking and Inventor Cut-off Quantity Unit of Content, Package Quanity, Amount of Content, Item Dimension
eBay Store Category Management
  Shipping Weight and Dimensions
    Product Image Management Labeling, Grouping by Option, Parent
    Product Html Editor For Description


Order Management



Customized Invoice, Packing Slip, Shipping Labels Channel and Listing Level Price Rules Management Total Sales, Revenue,  P&L Analytics
Order Notification Emails, Backorder Notifications Repricer for Amazon Channel-level Revenue, P&L, Analytics
Integration with Carriers/Shipping Software Cross-Channel Price Matching Updates Product-level Revenue, P&L, Channel Attribution Analytics
Automatic FBA / FBM Transitions Product Pricing, Min, Max, MAP, MSRP Pricing Daily, Monthly, Historical Product Sales Analytics
Update Status with Marketplaces, Shopping Cards   Custom Reporting
Dropship Order Management    
Automatic Order Routing by Supplier    
Multi-Warehouse Support