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Product Information

Manage your products and catalog, customize product details and attributes, create variations, and watch your sales grow.

Product Information Management

Centrally manage your catalog. products. variants. SKUs. categories. kits. bundles. aliases.


Upload or sync product data using templates. 


Enrich data using custom fields and bulk editing.


Create variants, kits, bundles and aliases. 


StoreAutomator Analytics

Fast list compliant data across channels. 

Product Information Management

Growth starts with great product information management.

Products are the core of every commerce business. That’s why StoreAutomator makes it easy for you to customize product details, enriching your listings and enhancing the buyer’s experience. 

With StoreAutomator, you can manage product and catalog relationships, establish categories, customize attributes, offer variations, and create kits and bundles to incentivize upsell opportunities. 

Product Information Management

PIM Features

Get products to market faster.

Import or sync product data using advanced custom templates and mapping.

  • Use channel-specific templates to comply with unique requirements
  • Reduce time onboarding products to multiple channels & marketplaces
  • Eliminate errors and reduce downtime for products

Customize products and catalog for any channel or marketplace.

Enrich your product data with custom attributes to make your listings stand out.

  • Create custom titles, descriptions, and product details
  • Create product aliases to increase search results and visibility
  • Use custom fields to include additional information

Make updates to multiple products at the same time.

Instantly manage product data with bulk editing functionalities. 

  • Update your entire catalog with the click of a button
  • Easily delete or override SKUs, catalogs, and categories
  • Import and export everything all at once, not in batches

Increase product offerings and sales with kits and bundles.

Diversify your product offerings with options to sell in more ways. 

  • Create kits by combining products to expand product offerings
  • Create bundles by offering different quantities of the same product
Kits & Bundles

Delight customers by offering more options with product variations.

Consumers have more choices now than ever before. Capture additional sales by providing multiple variations or personalized options. 

  • Create product variations for attributes such as size, color, or material
  • Create options for product customization

Never run out of stock with real-time inventory management.

Create brand loyalty and repeat customers keeping popular items in stock.  

  • Monitor inventory in real-time across channels
  • Quickly transfer inventory between warehouses
  • Use inventory masking to hide inventory quantities
Inventory Management Platform

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