Product Catalog Management

Easy Catalog Management

Create, import or sync your product data, then manage everything from a single dashboard.  

✓ Easily create, import or sync product data
✓ Quickly customize product data for each channel
✓ Create variations, aliases and kits & bundles

Maintain Data Compliance

Use advanced templates and mapping to maintain data compliance, reduce errors and eliminate downtime for your products. 

✓ Faster product onboarding with advanced templates & mapping
✓ Monitor and manage product data in one place

Product Data Compliance Management
Customize Product Data for Listings

Gain Complete Control of Data

Increase and optimize your listing quality with the ability to customize product data. 

✓ Easily create and assign custom fields  
✓ Quickly generate and manage product variations 
✓ Effortlessly assign product aliases 

Save Time with Bulk Editing

Instantly manage product data with bulk editing functionalities. 

✓ Buk import and export capabilities
✓ Bulk edit product data 
✓ Bulk override or delete

Bulk Edit Product Data
Create Kits & Bundles for Listings

Increase Sales with Kits & Bundles

Diversify your product offerings with options to sell in more ways. 

✓ Create kits by combining products to expand product offerings
✓ Create bundles by offering different quantities of the same product
✓ Never worry about overselling with real-time inventory synchronization

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"Overall Extremely Satisfied, 10/10. Unlike the larger companies that treat small to mid size businesses like they're one in a million, StoreAutomator has actually worked alongside us and seem very invested in our success and growth (despite no revenue sharing pricing model!). Anytime we needed a custom integration, custom feature, or API connection, they provided very reasonable estimates to make sure we are happy, long term customers."

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