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Distributed Order Management

Increase accuracy and efficiency with variable rules and logic for fulfillment and order routing.

Order Management Software

Accelerate your orders. routing. fulfillment. deliveries.


Beauty Bridge

Increase orders by offering additional product and fulfillment options.


Inventory Management System

Accurately manage and sell inventory from across the network of warehouses.

Expedite Deliveries

Order Management Delivery

Automate fulfillment and deploy orders from the closest warehouse.


Amazon Repricer

Cut carrying costs for your business and shipping costs for your customers. 

Distributed Order Management

Meet customer demands, and exceed expectations.

In today’s world, expedited shipping for online orders has become the standard. That’s why it’s essential to have the flexibility and velocity to move inventory and update fulfillment and routing in real time. 

With StoreAutomator’s agile Order Management, you have the ability to delight your customers by streamlining fulfillment, accelerating shipments, and reducing shipping costs. 


distributed order management

Key Features

Distributed Order Management

Advanced order processing with flexible logic to efficiently fulfill and route orders.

  • Define rules and priorities to automate fulfillment
  • Accelerate shipment for customers with intelligent order routing
  • Reduce shipping costs for customers by routing orders from the closest location
  • Manage complex orders with priority rules and order splitting

Multi-Warehouse Management

Create and centrally manage multiple warehouses to effectively manage inventory.  

  • Transfer inventory between warehouses in real-time
  • Setup channel-specific warehouse allocation
  •  Segment inventory by category, channel, or region and create priority rules to map the most efficient order fulfillment

Intelligent Order Routing

Easily organize, categorize and prioritize fulfillment locations and order routing. 

  • Define and manage rules for fulfillment type and location
  • Set warehouse priorities to reduce shipping distance and time
  • Support rapidly changing requirements with flexible rule
  • Automate order splitting based on defined rules
Order Routing
Order Management Delivery

Flexible Fulfillment Options

Reduce returns and improve delivery accuracy when you automate fulfillment using flexible rules. 

  • Setup unlimited fulfillment options to support multichannel sales
  • Centralize orders from multiple vendors or suppliers
  • Automate fulfillment with Amazon fba
  • Reduce shipping times with automated order routing from suppliers
  • Connect to your preferred 3PLs 

Centralized Order Logistics

Monitor and manage the documentation, details, and updates in one centralized platform. 

  • Create invoices, packing slips, and shipping labels
  • Automatically update order statuses across channels
  • Receive updates on orders and tracking
  • Manage returns and refunds in one place
Order Management Software
Inventory Management Platform

Accurate Inventory Management

Maintain accurate inventory visibility across channels and warehouses and monitor levels from a centralized dashboard. 

  • Quicky transfer inventory between locations
  • Monitor inventory quantities in real-time
  • Mask inventory quantities to handle preorders and back orders

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