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Your single source of truth for accurate inventory across channels.

Inventory Management System

Monitor more orders. SKUs. products. levels. pre orders. back orders.


Inventory Management System

Monitor accurate inventory in real-time. 


Identify trends to inform inventory needs.  

Expedite Deliveries

Order Routing

Prioritize order routing from the closest warehouse.


Order Management Delivery

Cut carrying costs for you and shipping costs for customers. 

Accurate Inventory Management

Never run out of stock again.

Consumers have grown to expect instant access to the products they love, which requires up-to-date inventory. Don’t end up on the wrong side of the supply chain and miss out on sales by relying on spreadsheets. 

With StoreAutomator, you gain real-time inventory visibility across multiple channels and warehouses. Eliminate out-of-stock situations and overstock markdowns, and maintain accurate levels with the ability to manage inventory as orders are received. 

Inventory Management

Key Features

Monitor detailed inventory levels in real-time.

Maintain accurate inventory across channels and warehouses and monitor levels from a centralized dashboard. 

  • Watch inventory sync across channels as sales are made
  • Use masking to hide inventory on specific channels, allowing you to handle pre-orders and backorders
  • Eliminate overstock & out-of-stock scenarios
  • Quickly transfer inventory between warehouses
Inventory Management Platform
StoreAutomator Channel Management

Monitor sales across channels.

Identify missed opportunities and growth potential with comprehensive reporting and detailed analytics. 

  • Identify patterns to inform inventory needs
  • Mitigate over or understock risk 
  • Leverage data to improve sales targets and goals

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