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& Reporting


Gain valuable insights to guide future strategies with detailed reporting.

Measure your sales.  revenue. performance. KPIs. strategies. profits. 


Track your sales across channels in one centralized place. 


Develop a deeper understanding about your customers. 


Refine your channels, products, and listings to attract more customers.


Drive new growth and protect your brand reputation. 

Powerful Analytics

Gain valuable insight to inform future growth.

Consumer behaviors can change overnight. It’s vital for successful businesses to have detailed analytics to inform and guide strategies and benchmarking. 

With StoreAutomator’s powerful Analytics, you can take the guesswork out of your sales and discover precisely how your customers shop across channels. 


Key Metrics

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

Monitor performance, track trends, and identify customer metrics. 

  • Monitor performance by product and across channels
  • Review revenue and profitability to identify growth opportunities 
  • Identify best-sellers and poor-performing products to forecast future sales
  •  Protect your reputation by understanding your customer’s needs and behaviors
Brand Performance

Help customers find your products faster.

Put your best products forward by quickly tracking trends and identifying potential issues.

  • Increase conversion rates by analyzing and optimizing listings.
  •  Reduce listing errors and data compliance issues by quickly identifying them.
  • Quickly identify pricing issues to reduce lost sales and revenue.

Take stock in having stock.

Monitor and manage inventory in real-time, so you never lose a sale due to being out-of-stock. 

  • Watch inventory sync across channels as sales are made.
  • Monitor inventory quantities to reduce out-of-stock scenarios. 
  • Track orders, returns, and refunds with ease. 

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