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The Power of Walmart Enhanced Content: What is it and how can you use it?

Product presentation can make or break a sale. For instance, when you search for running shoes, a listing with low-quality images and limited information raises uncertainties. On the other hand, a listing with clear, detailed visuals, descriptions, reviews, and videos instills confidence and possibly increases sales.

As consumers depend more on ecommerce platforms, how products are presented becomes crucial for attracting and engaging potential customers. Walmart Enhanced Content is a powerful tool that enhances product presentation.

Walmart Enhanced Content allows sellers to create captivating experiences for shoppers. It offers dynamic features and multimedia elements that enable businesses to showcase products more compellingly. This article explores how your business can leverage Walmart Enhanced Content to boost its online presence and drive sales.

What is Walmart Enhanced Content and How Can You Use It?

Walmart Enhanced Content refers to an advanced feature offered by Walmart to sellers, letting them enhance their product listings with immersive and interactive content. This type of content often provides a richer shopping experience for Walmart’s online customers. It goes beyond traditional product descriptions and images, offering additional multimedia elements to engage and educate shoppers.

Some examples of Walmart Enhanced Content include:

360° Spin Images

This feature allows sellers to display a complete 360° view of their items. Buyers can examine the product from every angle before making a purchase.

Comparison Tables

A product comparison table presents a variety of similar items, highlighting their main features. It assists consumers in making decisions by directing their attention to the similarities and differences between the items.


Product documentation is a form of technical documentation that provides detailed information about a product. It should cover nearly everything there is to know about the product.

Product Tours

Product walkthroughs assist brands in simplifying their products and their usage. They help new users understand features more quickly compared to learning on their own.

Product Videos

Videos can incorporate product features, instructions, and uses to provide shoppers with a comprehensive and practical overview of the item. These videos demonstrate how the product works in real-life situations, allowing shoppers to better understand its functionality and potential benefits.

Customer Review Videos

A customer review video is a type of video in which a customer who has used a product or interacted with a brand shares their thoughts and experiences. The customer discusses the product, explains their personal experience, and offers their honest opinion. Customer reviews are widely regarded as highly effective in marketing because they originate from actual customers with firsthand experience of the product.

The Benefits of Walmart Enhanced Content

Engaging Product Presentations

Walmart Enhanced Content’s dynamic nature empowers sellers to showcase their products in a captivating and visually appealing manner. It grabs customers’ attention and boosts their engagement with the product.

Improved Product Information

Informative product descriptions help customers understand the features, specifications, and benefits of products better. By providing comprehensive information, businesses can boost customer confidence, minimize inquiries, and reduce returns.

Better Brand Credibility

You can use Walmart Enhanced Content to build a robust brand image and establish credibility. Your product presentations can appear professional, so much so that customers could begin to trust your brand more. This could lead to increased loyalty and repeat purchases.

Higher Conversion Rates

Presenting products more fascinatingly can convince customers to make a purchase. Showcasing product videos, interactive images, and customer testimonials have frequently been shown to have a positive impact on buying decisions.

Competitive Advantage

Your business can gain a competitive advantage in the online marketplace. You can set your brand apart from competitors by blasting past standard product listings.

Best Practices for Walmart Enhanced Content

  • Edit underperforming content as soon as you notice issues (I.e. low/no sales).
  • Emphasize unique selling points.
  • Examine customer reviews to discover additional product advantages and identify any missing information.
  • Incorporate storytelling techniques to forge an emotional connection with customers.
  • Use clear and concise language.
  • Use high-quality visual assets.

You Have the Power

Walmart Enhanced Content offers immense power and potential for businesses to enhance their product presentations and drive sales. We encourage businesses to take full advantage of the feature to maximize their online presence and attract more customers. Premium visuals, compelling descriptions, and more can generate trust with potential buyers and revenue.

Additionally, partnering with StoreAutomator can streamline the management of multichannel listings, product information, inventory, and orders. By centralizing these processes, your company can identify and eliminate errors and duplicates as well as enhance the quality of your product data. With detailed and highly accurate product descriptions, your customers can easily find the products they desire, leading to fewer returns, increased customer satisfaction, and cost savings for your business.

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