The Art of Multichannel Listing

Smart and atypical listing solutions based on true experiences

Overriding: The ability and flexibility to customize your data

Customize product data including price, name, description, brand, etc. depending on each of your marketplace strategy

Overriding does not effect the original data at inventory level.

It gives you the flexibility to customize and shape your data specifically at any time

Alias & Alternate SKU: Free your business from inventory mess up

Create multiple listings of a single product with different name, images, description etc.

Sell the same products with different SKUs

Diversify your listings without messing up your inventory.

Generic Feeds: Import, customize, list

Import your data from shopping platforms or files (xml, csv, xls)

Customize it specific to channel you will list.

List your data on marketing channels, send it to your suppliers or simply list on marketplaces.

Data Templates & Mapping: Adapt to your marketplaces

Easily adapt to the technical data requirements of each marketplace

Use ready-to-use templates created for marketplaces or create your own specific templates

Map your categories and product options

Customize your product data separately for each marketplace by using description templates

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