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Storeautomator Hummingbird

The Brand Story

StoreAutomator was started in 2008 when a rapidly growing ecommerce company outgrew the limited multichannel solutions available at the time. Convinced there was a better way to manage multiple sales channels, founders Gökhan Erkavun and Onur Okyay set out to build a flexible commerce management platform that would work for a variety of customers. 

Fast forward to the present, StoreAutomator is a powerful platform capable of streamlining every step of a commerce operation. Having grown beyond the original multichannel capabilities, StoreAutomator is now a complete commerce solution accessible to brands, retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. 

"We found a need for change, and where no solution existed, we created one."

The Team

We’re committed to maintaining a company culture focused on collaboration and innovation. We’ve searched far and wide to recruit the best and brightest in their respective fields, creating the ultimate dream team and a really fun remote environment. 

Our colleagues are located worldwide, allowing us to offer our broad customer base a greater level of knowledge and support whenever they need it. 

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The Mission

We’re unifying the multiverse of commerce through digital integrations and human connections. 

We're People Focused

StoreAutomator prioritizes the goals of our customers and our team and offers the resources and support to empower their success.

We're driving innovation.

We embrace innovation and are committed to creating opportunities to support the growth of our customers.

We're building a network.

We’ve partnered with the industry’s best and brightest to align you with resources and opportunities to support your continued growth.

The Promise

We prioritize the success of our customers. That’s why we promise to provide them with the most flexible yet powerful commerce management tools available.

Whether using StoreAutomator as a complete solution or easily connecting to an existing tech stack, our customers can run their operations in a way that works best for them. 

Join the 100's of brands growing their sales with StoreAutomator.

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