Last Updated on April 6, 2020

Introducing Product Filtering (Beta)

You can now filter your products based on multiple attributes or even write your own filtering rules to optimize your product data management and listings.

This new feature will help you find the product data with specific statuses and save the time you would typically lose while digging hundreds of products.

You can create endless filters with endless rules to locate the information you need.

Filter your products on category, brand, quantity, alias, fulfillment type or anything you can imagine with this flexible and powerful filtering feature.

As the development regarding filtering continues this robust feature will be used in the other components of the software.

With the help of filters you can:

>> List products that don’t have a category or pictures, so that these problems can be fixed before sending the feed to channel and receiving a myriad of errors. >> List products that are in condition “Used like new” and have wording “Brand New” in their titles.

Setting up new Filters

Filters are available for Inventory level products. Go to Inventory >  Products, and click on the tab “New filter” to set up a new filter. First, provide a filter name, and start adding fields and conditions. 

There are 98 different fields and 14 logical operators you can utilize while programming your filters. You can enter infinitely many conditions and run the filter for all conditions or for at least one, depending on your needs. Please refer to the document Template Fields” for more information regarding these fields.

Filters can be deleted by clicking on the X icon at the top right corner of the filter tab. You can also edit the active filter by clicking on the text “Edit filter”.


List items without picturesProduct.ImageUrlis blank
List items without CategoriesProduct.Categoriesis blank
List AltSKU itemsProduct.AliasModeis equal to1
List Items with GTIN numberProduct.BarcodeTypeis Equal to6
List item names have “ABB” in itProduct.NamecontainsABB
List item names start with “ABB”Product.NameStarts withABB
List item brand names do not have “ABB” in itProduct.BrandNameDoes not containABB
List  NEW items Product.ConditionIs equal toNEW
List items cost more than $10Product.CostIs greater than10
List Items that have RED in their descriptionsProduct.DescriptioncontainsRED
List items that are discontinuedProduct.DiscontinuedIs True
List items that are FBAProduct.isFbaIs True
List items have FBA Fee > $10Product.FbaFeeIs greater than10
List child itemsProduct.IsChildIs True
List items with parent “XXXX”Product.ParentSkuIs equal toXXXX