Last Updated on May 20, 2020


Images are the fundamental part of your product data management especially if you are selling online. It can become quite an issue to organize and structure your image data based on your marketplace strategy. To overcome the hurdles while managing your image data StoreAutomator developed a new feature called Image Labels. 

You can now set as many labels as you need to organize your images. By labeling your product images you can easily include and exclude specific images on marketplaces and shopping carts listing by using StoreAutomator’s advanced feature. 


Labels allow you to assign a label to an image. With the help of this label, you can pick and choose which image to send to a channel or block them from being sent. Labels are defined in every product.

To perform Inclusions or exclusions of images you must first enter a label to that image; this is done while editing product at item level:

>Choose the product you want to add the label and edit it while in Inventory>Products

> Click on Images tab

> Add a label to the image you would like to exclude from a channel

> Save and exit.

Next, you need to define inclusion or exclusion rule. This rule is defined Channel-wise and is made through Channel> Channel Settings> Common. In the content tab there are two switches controlling image sending to that channel:

  1. Include All Images by Default: This switch is enabled by default and all product images are sent to the channel. Disabling this switch causes all labels to be displayed underneath the text. Selected images will be sent to the channel. 
  2. Exclude Images by Labels: When enabled you can see all labels under this switch; once the label box is checked, the image will be excluded from the channel.

image labels

If you like to exclude certain images, go with option 2; check the label you would like to exclude from the channel. 

If you like to include certain images in the channel, first disable the “Include All Images by Default“ switch, which subsequently shows all labels underneath it; and choose images you would like to send to the channel.