Last Updated on May 21, 2019

You can assign a default data template for your channel, which will be used for all of the products for that channel.

To do this, first, select a channel to assign this template and then go to Menu > Channel Settings > Template. The applicable templates for this channel are displayed in a dropdown menu. Select the template and make sure to save the template by clicking the Save button on the lower right corner of your screen.

Now we have saved the feed template, the system can create a feed file to be sent to the channel.

> To do this click on “Create a feed “ button towards the upper right corner.

> When the feed file is ready to download, a notification will be sent; which will appear as a red color badge with the number of notifications on the bell icon; click on the bell icon and select the file to download.

Preparing feed files takes some time depending on the number of product it is processing, you can use the update button to check if there is any progress on updates. Make sure to check the output file if it conforms to your preferences.

>> Assigning Templates to Product Categories