Last Updated on November 13, 2019

Publish state controls if a product should be sent to a channel or not. It is better to decide to publish your newly created products to all channels, right after creating them. Creation takes place in Inventory Products, after entering all information regarding the product and clicking on the Save and Close button.

    1. Subsequent to creation, the system will issue the publish state that was defined in Menu > Settings > Global > Content Settings to the newly created product.
    2. You can check Publish Status of any product from the list in your inventory Products: Menu > Inventory> Products. Inventory list has a column named “Published”; In this column, if the square for the product is grey, then it is not published; and if it is green, it is published to all channels.
    3. Simply, click on the drop down menu next to the square and change status to “Published” to all channels and vice versa.
    4. There is another switch that ignores Global Publish State, located in Menu > Channel > Channel Settings and in General tab called “Ignore Publish State”. If checked, this switch ignores the global setting of publishing newly created products and won’t publish them.
    5. Also, you can choose multiple lines in Inventory Products and click on “Bulk Actions” button, and Publish or Unpublish these selected items.
    6. Another way is to upload a CSV file which includes a column with header “Published”. In this file simply change any products Status to Published or unpublished in bulk quantities.

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