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Data Exchange channels are used to import inventory information to StoreAutomator. This is useful if you have an internal inventory controlling program already setup up & running and you would like to use StoreAutomator to communicate with sales channels like Amazon, or eBay.

You can reach DX channel and their settings through:

Menu > Tools > DX Channels

The upcoming screen is a list of data channels created in the system.

Adding an Import Channel

This is the place we provide information to download the information from. Click on “Add Import Channel” button towards upper right-hand side. There are two methods of downloading inventory listings FTP and Data eXchange import.

FTP Channel

> Select FTP to provide information through FTP or File Transfer Protocol.

> Provide a “Channel Name” for your FTP connection in the next screen and click “Create” and click on “Connect your channel” to provide FTP settings.

> If you change your mind and want to create DX Import channel click on “Back” to go back or click on “Close” to not to create anything and exit.

> In this screen simply provide your FTP settings:

            >> Server URL is the FTP server address

            >> Import Directory is the place that the file to be processed is in

            >> Directory for Processed Files, this is  the place the output file to be put in

            >> User Name is the FTP username

            >> Password  is the FTP password

Click on save to save your work, when done go on to the next tab “DX Common”, these are the common settings.

Import Channel

Select Import Channel to get information through your sales channels. Simply choose a channel to import from, and chose your importing mode. Below are your options:

          >>Create Only: This option gets information if this doesn’t exist in your system

          >> Create Update: This option gets information for nonexistent items and updates the items in your system

         >> Quantity Only: This option gets the quantity information for existing items in your system

         >> Update Only: This option updates all information for existing items in your system

         >> Price Only: This option updates only Prices for existing items in your system

        >> Price and Quantity Only: This option updates Prices and Quantities for existing items in your system

Let’s give an example to explain these modes, in your channel and inventory you have the following items:

Channel: 1, 2, 3, x, y

Inventory: 4, x, y, z

Create Only, creates items 1, 2, 3 in your inventory and don’t do anything with x, y

Create Update, creates items 1, 2, 3 in your inventory and updates x, y information

Quantity Only, Updates the quantity information for x, y and does not add 1, 2, 3 to inventory

Update Only, Updates all information for x, y and does not add 1, 2, 3 to inventory

Price Only: Updates only Prices of x, y

Price and Quantity Only: Updates Price and Quantity of x, y.

Click on “Save” to save your work, when finished go on to the next tab “DX Common”, to change your common settings; these are the same as FTP channel common settings.

Common Settings Tab

This tab is for adjusting common settings for both FTP and DX channels methods. If you want to update your information every day, click on “Enable Daily Schedule”. You can set a connection time.

When you click on Save, the system takes you back to the list of DX Channels. If all the information entered was correct, a Green square can be seen next to the channel name and “Download” button is now added under the actions section. Click on this button to start downloading your files.

If there were missing information and a connection cannot be established a red square is visible; at this point, you must go back and correct connection information.


Channel download is useful when you want to list your current products in a new channel. To do this go to:

           >> Menu > DX Channels > Add Import Channel

           >> Chose DX Import Channel, assign a name and click on create

           >> In the next screen find and click on the active channel you want to download from

           >> Chose “Create Only” as your import mode

           >> Click on Save

           >> Under Actions, Click on the “Download” button to start downloading info.

Or you want to update Quantity in your inventory, just go with “Quantity Only”

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