Last Updated on October 15, 2020



StoreAutomator can create product-specific Custom Fields and assign these to your products to manage your inventory by categorizing your products in a detailed way. Custom Fields are for visual and organizational purposes and also they make searchable fields in sales platforms. With custom fields you can:

                > Create a custom field for SPF (for sunscreen products) number to be classified as 0-15, 16-30, 31-50, 50&up and arrange it to look like below

How to Create Custom Fields - SPF

When entering your product manually in StoreAutomator, these custom fields are visible and you can select the correct SPF to be displayed and selected.

                 > Create a color family custom field to choose your product’s color, see below example. Simply select the color and enter into the database.

How to Create Custom Fields - Color Family

Custom fields are useful in Search Engine Optimization, customizing your products will provide more data to the channel and therefore will have a higher chance in sales; StoreAutomator recommends usage of custom fields.

Creating Custom Fields

To create Custom fields go to Menu > Inventory > Custom Fields.

This screen displays a list of custom fields created for your store. Click on “Add Custom Field” to add a new field. In the next dialog box, provide the Field name, Display name and Field Type.

> Field Name is the Dynamic Field Name, which will be referred to while writing programmable statements in Templates, e.g.: if the new Field Name is “TestPrice” you can refer to this dynamic field as “Product.TestPrice”

          > Display Name is the name displayed during product entry stage

          > Display type is the visual display type depicted during product entry

Provide all information and click on “Create” to create your custom field. Once a Custom field is created, immediately click on “Edit” for further editing the new field. In the next screen, you can adjust Display Name, Type, Override Mode and Options for this field.

Display Type has a number of options to elaborate custom fields options. You can select the one applies to your needs and enter relevant options. Below is a list of visual interfaces that can be used to elaborate               options:

            > CheckBox List is used to displaying options of the product, e.g.:

How to Create Custom Fields - Ingredients

             > CheckBox displays only one checkbox, e.g.:

How to Create Custom Fields - Buy 2 Get One Free

            > Radio Button, used for single selectable aspects of the product, e.g:

How to Create Custom Fields - Gender

           > Line Text Area, single line text area,  e.g.:

How to Create Custom Fields - sizeorvolume

             > Small Text Area, e.g.:

How to Create Custom Fields - short description

            > Medium Text Area, similar to small text area just larger,

            > Large Text Area, similar to small text area just larger,

            > HTML Editor, displays HTML editor, e.g.:

            > Tags, e.g.:

            How to Create Custom Fields - Bullet Points