Last Updated on October 15, 2020


This button obtains a tracking number and a shipping rate from supported carriers prepares and prints the shipping label. Click on this button to open the shipping dialog box, click on the items you are able to send or click on “All” Checkbox, choose a carrier and ship type.

You must have an account with one of these carriers in order to benefit from online rates and tracking number query. StoreAutomator logs into carrier’s servers with your account information and obtain online shipping rates and tracking numbers and include them on the shipping label. To do this, click on the button “Shipping”, this changes the dialog box to shipping.

Fill in all required information, select shipping method, package size and weight, which will dictate the shipping rate, and click on “Get Ship Rate” button. This will get a shipping rate, if you like the rate and would like to use it, click on “Create Label” doing so will obtain a tracking number for the package, print the shipping label and let the carrier know you have a package waiting for a pickup. Peel the label and stick it to the package and you are ready for the pick-up. If you don’t like the shipping rate, you can choose another carrier and get another rate. Please note StoreAutomator can obtain rates from Shipstation or UPS and allow you to print label without leaving the StoreAutomator system. The integration with ShippingEasy will forward the orders to ShippingEasy system for you to process.