Last Updated on November 13, 2019

1. Please create a Shopify channel in your StoreAutomator account.

           >> Go to Menu > Settings > Channels

           >> Click “Add Channel” on the upper right corner.

           >> Choose Shopify as the provider.

           >> Enter a name, currency and language for your channel and click Create

2. After creating your channel please follow the instructions below to connect your Shopify store to StoreAutomator.


3. Once your channel is ready and connected, then you can enable order forwarding from any channel to Shopify.Switch to Channel you want the orders to be forwarded as your active channel

           >> Go to Menu > Channel > Settings > Common : Orders Tab

           >> Check “Enable Order Forwarding”

           >> Choose your Shopify store from the Order Receivers list

           >> Check “Get Tracking” if you process your orders on Shopify and want StoreAutomator to collect order tracking information.

           >> Click Save button on lower right corner.