Last Updated on May 13, 2020

If you are selling the same item with different names, and prices, etc in the same channel or in different channels you can use alias feature to create listings that use the same inventory.

To create aliases:

       >> Click on the Product’s “Edit” button towards the right-hand side.

       >> Click on Aliases Tab and click on the “Add Alias” button towards the right-hand side.

       >> Keep “Alias” Radio Button selected, and Enter New name in the “Name” text box.

       >> Enter either a Manual SKU or use Auto SKU to avoid entering a manual SKU,

       >> Click on “Create” Button,

       >> Or Click on the “Close” button to save and close.

You can also override other properties of this Alias both in “Product Edit in Inventory” or “Product Edit in Channel”; you can go to this mode by clicking on “Edit” button towards the right-hand side of the Product Alias and subsequently clicking on “Edit In-Channel” button and from here you can change below settings:

       >> Mark as FBA,

       >> Limit inventory,

       >> Change its price,

       >> Change shipping costs,

       >> Use Fast Listing to assign the Alias to different ASIN for Amazon channels

Next, you can use Channel Inclusion Properties from the channel by applying the steps below:

    1. Choose the channel you want to work on.v
    2. Click the Inclusion Control
    3. Click Product Inclusion Tab.
    4. Make sure you search the Alias SKU you want to include in the channel
    5. Click Include to send the listing to the channel
    6. Click Update Channel Contents button on the top right

The listing will be created with the next channel sync.