Last Updated on November 13, 2019

When products are being uploaded to channels, you may encounter some channel upload errors. Channel upload errors occur because of invalid values, incorrect formatting in data fields, ASIN mismatch, etc, consequently, the sales platform returns an error code and a detailed description, which is vital for resolving the problem.

To view the error go to Menu > Channel > Channel Products

Any product which has a Red Dot in the status column, had an error while uploading, the picture below is an example of Product upload error.

Clicking on the red dot opens “Issues” dialog box which displays the error type, code, source, description, and time stamp. Now you know, the root cause of the error, you can fix the problem and synchronize with the channel.

Also, the actions button towards the right-hand side, have an option to show errors; click on the drop-down menu next to edit button of the product and click on “See Errors”.

You can also see all Channel products with upload errors, by clicking on the tab “Errors”.

If you have problems fixing errors, feel free to contact us.