Last Updated on November 29, 2019

>In order to forward your orders to ShipStation, you need to create a ShipStation connection.

          >> Go to Menu > Settings > Carriers

          >> Switch to the accounts tab

          >> Click Add Account button on the upper right corner

          >> Choose the carrier type as ShipStation, then click Next

          >> Enter the necessary information for the ShipStation account

          >> Click create button

> Connect ShipStation to your channel as order forwarding target. Once your carrier account is ready and connected, then you can enable order forwarding from your channel to ShipStation.

         >> Switch to the specific channel as your active channel

         >> Go to Menu > {Specific Channel} > Settings > Common : Orders Tab

         >> Check “Enable Order Forwarding”

         >> Choose your ShipStation store from the Order Receivers list

         >> Check “Get Tracking” if you process your orders on ShipStation and want StoreAutomator to collect order tracking information.

         >> Click Save button on lower right corner.

Please note

Shipstation webhooks will not be triggered for fulfillments – either through a fulfillment partner like FBA/Shipwire or one created by using the Mark as Shipped action. If you use these methods to mark your orders shipped, StoreAutomator will not receive tracking information