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Bulk Product Import Fields

Provide all column names in English for proper addressing of your feed. Store Automator accepts .xlsx, .csv, .txt, .zip file formats. File size should not exceed 20MB. Below is a list of Required Fields for the system to process your data at a minimum level.

Click to download Product Data Specs File

skuSKUMax, 50 characters
titleProduct NameMax, 150 characters
descriptionProduct descriptionMax, 5000 characters
brand_nameBrand NameMax, 100 characters, brand name to be created if it doesn’t exist
priceRegular price

If you want to take advantage of advanced features like parentage, repricer, and dashboard PNL analysis you got to provide those applicable fields also.

Optional fields

short_descriptionProduct short description
publishedProduct published state on channelsValues: Yes, no, true, false
parentageIf this product is a variation parent put “parent”

If this product is a variation put “child”

Empty for single products
variation_typesOption types for the variations

Color, size, scent, type, etc

If the product has multiple variation types, separated by comma ‘,’ e,g,: ‘Color, Size’
variation_optionsVariation option combination for the specific productOrder of options to be same as the order of variation types.

E.g.: ‘Red, M’

parent_skuParent product SKU, to be used if this product is a child.Max, 50 characters, must refer to a line with Parentage column set to ‘Parent’
is_discontinuedThe item is discontinued or not Yes, no, true, false. Default value ‘false’
widthItem width
lengthItem length
heightItem height
weightItem weight
amount_of_contentsItem amount_of_contents
unit_of_contentItem unit_of_contentPcs, oz, kg, g, lb, floz, fl oz, l, ml, gal, in, inches, inch, m, mm, cm, ft. Default value: pcs.
locationItem’s warehouse location
costThe unit cost of the productUsed by dashboard and repricer to calculate the profit margin
sale_priceSale price if the item is on sale
sale_price_start_dateStart date of the item sale priceDate format: YYYY-MM-DD
sale_price_end_dateEnd date of the item sale priceDate format: YYYY-MM-DD
MSRPManufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price
MAPMinimum Advertised Price
taxTax Percentage of Tax Class idE.g.: 2001234
product_idBarcode or Specific product id
product_id_typeItem barcode or specific product id type. Value to be selected amongst: UPC, EAN, ISBN, ASIN, GCID, GTIN, EPIDDefault value: ‘upc’
mpnManufacturer code
image_url_xA valid web address where we can download the product image, x represents the source numberMax.250 characters each.Up too 10 URLs. URLs to start with http:// or https://

E.g. header: image_url_1

category_codesYour category codes, assigned by yourselfMultiple category codes, to be separated by comma ‘,’
category_xCategory, path separated by ‘>’ signMax.250 characters each.Up to 5 category columns, 1<X<5

E.g header: category_1

E.g. value: ‘Electronics>Mobile Phones > Accessories’

Category to be created if it doesn’t exist in our system

meta_descriptionMeta descriptionsMax 250 characters
meta_keywordsMeta keywordsSeparate with a comma ‘,’
bullet_point_xBullet point (Mainly used by Amazon)Up to 5 bullet points. 1<x<5

E.g. Header: Bullet_point_1

search_term_xSearch term (Mainly used by Amazon)  5 search terms. 1<x<5

E.g. Header: Search _Termt_1

used_for_xUsed for  (Mainly used by Amazon)Up to 5 used_for points. 1<x<5

E.g. Header: Used_For_1

other_attribute_xOther item attribute (Mainly used by Amazon)Up to 5 bullet attributes. 1<x<5

E.g. Header: other_attribute_1

target_audience_xTarget Audience  (Mainly used by Amazon)Up to 5 target audience. 1<x<5

E.g. Header:target_audience_1

attr_name_xCustom field name: A custom field x consists of name and value columns named attr_name_x and attr_value_x. Use pairs like: attr_name_1|attr_value_1 , attr_name_2|attr_value_2, etc…Max. 50 characters, only English letter numbers and dash ‘-’ accepted. No spaces. Up to 50 custom fields, 1<x<50

E.g. header: attr_name_1

E.g. Value: model-year

attr_value_xValue associated with the custom fieldMax 250 characters,

E.g. header: attr_value_1

E.g. value: 1977

update_deletePut ‘Update’ or leave empty to update the product.

Pur; delete’ to delete an existing product

Although a feed can contain CREATE, UPDATE, and DELETE operation at the same time, we recommend that you create individual feeds for each operation.


Click to download Product Data Specs File

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