Last Updated on November 13, 2019

First, create your Walmart Channel if you haven’t done so:

To create a channel:

          >> Menu > Settings > Channels

          >> Click on “Add Channel” towards the upper right-hand corner,

          >> Choose a provider as “Walmart”,

          >> Choose a region,

          >> Provide a name for this channel,

          >> Click on the “Create Channel” button and “Edit” immediately after that,

Or, go to Menu > Current Channel > Channel Settings >API Connection, to connect to your Walmart Account, following information must be provided in this section:

          >> Authentication type,

          >> Consumer ID,

          >> Secret Key,

          >> Channel type,

Walmart has specific Channel Types. You can find available types and API information from their web site:

choose an authentication type, which applies to your store.

Follow instructions on this page to obtain Consumer ID, Secret key and save to your account at StoreAutomator and your connection is done.

Next time StoreAutomator will use this information to connect to your account at Walmart.