What Is Marketplace Feed Management?

Marketplace feed management is an automated software solution that helps businesses get their products in front of the right consumers, maximizing exposure for those products in their appropriate marketplaces where they are most likely to bring results. When handled effectively, marketplace feed management can increase revenues by promoting a greater number of sales. Automating the process by using our Web-based Store Automator software can provide businesses with a powerful method for keeping all product data perpetually and accurately updated across all marketplace feeds.

The more often data is updated and the more precise the feed management protocols, the more often a company’s products will appear in comparison shopping feeds. This increased visibility will, in turn, increase the likelihood that a prospect will decide to purchase that company’s merchandise.

Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Sears, Best Buy, and Newegg are creating ever-greater opportunities for third-party sellers to get into the game and enjoy a real chance of competing against the “big guys.” And with these increasing opportunities come the advantages that marketplace feed management software automation creates as it helps make the prospect of e-tailing easier, more precise, and far more efficient than ever before. This is an exciting development for smaller and midsize online retailers.

The Right Marketplace Feed Management Software

Yet, using the right software is crucial. Our Store Automator software offers a number of features that make it one of the best choices among similar comparison shopping feed management software programs. Several of these powerful features follow:

  • The software we offer features a proprietary algorithm designed and developed by our capable cadre of outstanding e-commerce and technology experts to provide maximum functionality for anyone interested in competing in the online retail space.
  • Store Automator’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to understand and a breeze to operate, eliminating the confusion and uncertainty engendered by other, less-intuitive products.
  • Our powerful feed management software is flexible enough to adapt to each company’s continuously evolving strategy, helping e-commerce professionals in all verticals refine results by applying a variety of business rules, as needed or desired.
  • Our software functions entirely “in the cloud,” providing fast, dependable deployment and painless updating while eliminating the need for onsite IT management.

If your company could use a marketplace feed management solution that’s simple, practical, reliable and powerful, consider giving Store Automator a try. We know you’ll be amply pleased with the results.

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Comparison Shopping Management?

Comparison shopping sites are remarkable enterprises that provide nearly endless choices for consumers. In the days of brick-and-mortar shopping, consumers had limited opportunities for quickly comparing prices at different companies. With modern comparison websites, browsers can instantaneously see how products are priced across a huge number of commercial sites.

Every year, comparison sites like Google Shopping, Nextag and Pricegrabber facilitate sales worth hundreds of millions. Although comparison sites are godsends for companies large and small, it is crucial for sellers to control their comparison shopping feeds. Most critically, one needs to rank strongly in comparison search results. Comparison shopping feed management is a developed discipline that requires time and effort to master. Shopping feed managers meticulously conduct searches for client products. Searches might include product names, brand names and even individual SKU numbers.

When categorized improperly, products can virtually disappear from the eyes of prospective buyers. By categorizing and optimizing product feeds, one can produce measurable improvements to sales revenues. Oftentimes, comparison engines prioritize more recent product feed information. Updating product data can keep search rankings consistently high. Properly deployed keywords, meta titles, and URLs canal so maximize product exposure.

Store Automator boasts features critical for comparison shopping feed management. Using Store Automator, merchants can more fully experience the comparison shopping revolution. Our shopping feed tool features a proprietary algorithm that helps this software stand apart. With this tool, users can promote and market in a way that is optimal for all major comparison shopping engines. With Store Automator, merchants have fine control over all aspects of product feed data. By using our software to automate comparison feed management tasks, one can also significantly improve cost-per-sale numbers.

We believe that overly complex software is impractical for most e-commerce professionals. Critically, our software features a simple interface that is easy to learn and master. Additionally, our software is flexible enough to apply any business rule at any key point the user’s workflow. Entrepreneurs often find that our software is particularly fine for testing new products and discovering what assortments result in better sales. With our feed management tool, it is simpler than ever for users to improve their positions within any shopping network. Far more than a technical tool, Store Automator opens up doors of creativity for entrepreneurs with unique ideas. Whatever kind of product is on offer, Store Automator’s comparison feed tool is perfect for refining your company’s vision and business model.

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