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Product Level Repricer Settings

Programming repricer settings on the Product Level will override the channel level settings for that particular product. Click the words ‘Repricer Details’ to be directed to Product Level Settings:


In the Repricer Details section, all products are displayed by default & products can be sorted by most column headers. Specific products can be found in a long list by using the search feature:  

The main columns displayed here are meant to help properly identify a product and includes:

  • Regular Price – The Base price of the product
  • QOH – Quantity of this product available for purchase
  • Enabled – Product is approved for repricing (Yes or No)
  • Comp. Count – How many competitors are selling this product
  • Comp. Price – The Average price the competition is selling this product for
  • Comp. Ship – The average amount the competition is charging to ship this product
  • Comp. Total – Average total amount (Price + Ship) the competition is selling this product for
  • Your Target – The target price your product is selling for based on current settings


Product Level Repricer Data

The Repricer Status for this specific product can be found by clicking the ‘Information Icon’ shown below:

The Repricer Status will display a reminder of the Product Name and SKU being analyzed, and will also notate when the product was Last Updated:


amazon repricing

The Daily Buybox Graph displayed in this pop-up, shows the percentage of time this product has spent in the buybox over the last 30 days:

Other information displayed tells whether this product is currently showing in the buybox, and if Amazon is currently selling this product:

amazon repricing

At a glance, the break down of the current ‘Competition Landed Price’ and the current ‘Target Landed Price’ for this product can be seen here:

Further down, there are additional 4 tabs containing even more useful data. The first tab is labeled ‘Current State’ and contains 2 lists that explain the breakdown of the Total Cost of selling this product, and also the Net Profit potential of this product, based on the current Target Landed price:

amazon repricing

The 2nd tab is labeled ‘Minimum Landed Price’ and contains 2 lists that explain the breakdown of the Total Cost of selling this product and also the Net Profit potential of this product based on the current Minimum Landed Price:

amazon repricing

The 3rd tab is labeled Competition and compares the sales stats of this product to the competition. The information provided here, such as Seller Rating and Review Count, can be used to determine which competitors to compete with:

The 4th and final tab is labeled Logs. This tab provides an overview of all internal notes regarding this product:

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