This is a step by step guide to get you on board and start selling less than an hour.

The very first thing to do is to log on to your account:

      >> Go to,

      >> Click on Login on the top right corner,

      >> Fill in your username and password and login,

      >> The splash screen is your dashboard summarising sales and profit,

      >> There is a help button at the bottom of the screen, feel free to ask for help when stuck.

There is a To-do list on the lower right corner, let’s follow the list and create some products(1) first. During product creation you have a couple of options, you can either click on the link “Create your first products” and click on “Add Product” button which will appear on the next screen, to manually enter all information, or you can upload an Excel file, if you already have listings. 

      >> To manually enter a new product please refer to the article “Manually entering a new product”,

      >> If you already have your listings in Excel file, CVS file, as a Text file, or XML file format, please refer to the article “How to Bulk Import for Product Creation and Export for Editing Product Data”,

      >> If you are a seller and would like to import your online products to StoreAutomator, please refer to the article “Importing Products from Channels”, Please note Amazon may not import your listings correctly, in this case, you need to contact Amazon directly and ask for a category listing report, please refer to the link below:

Now you have accomplished the first item and have a check mark next to it.

Next let’s create our first channel(2), Click on this text and the system will take you to Menu > Settings > Channels and highlight top right corner button “Add Channel”, click on it.

      >> Chose a provider,

      >> Chose a marketplace,

      >> Provide a name for your channel

      >> Click on Create

Depending on the type of channel your create in the next step the connections setting may vary.

The example below will describe the steps for an Amazon marketplace connection steps.

Now it’s time to Connect your Channel (3), doing so will bring API connection settings for this channel and asking for the following information:

      >> Seller ID is your seller ID with the channel,

      >> Developer ID is StoreAutomator’s Developer ID and cannot be changed,

      >> MWS Auth Token, is a Seller generated a unique key that combines your seller ID and our developer ID. Click on the link “Get Auth Token” to obtain a token,

      >> Click on Save.

Now we have correct listings in the database and ready to Synchronize your channels with seller platforms (4); clicking on the link “Synchronize your channels” takes you to Channel Settings > Common and General Tab, where you can send listings to your channels.

Before pushing “Sync” button we recommend you to thoroughly read and understand the article we provided about StoreAutomator’s syncing process, click here to read the article.

Now you have listed your products in your channels, click on the Sync button next to your channel’s icon to check for orders.