Our goal is to have every one of our clients using our software to its fullest.  We want smooth setups and smooth daily operations. Sometimes that requires the personal touch of our Support Team and sometimes it’s as easy as a quick look at this FAQ page.

For immediate questions, feel free to contact our Support Team through the phone/email address supplied when you signed up as a client and we will work to solve any issues you may have.

However, because you are busy and might not have the time to wait, we’ve supplied some answers to Frequently Asked Questions brought up by our clients in the past that may help!  Of course, if you are unable to find answers below, please reach out to us right away!

Are you able to do repricing in Amazon Europe?

Yes!  But not only can we do repricing in Europe…we can do repricing on ANY Amazon channel and we can do it in that country’s currency!

Can I set a specific shipping charge for each individual product that can be updated in the Amazon Marketplace?

Yes!  We understand that certain items may require specific shipping costs.  As such, we’ve built in the ability to make global changes to all of your products AND the ability to change specific products based on your needs.

I’m a small business…will this software work for me?

Yes!  StoreAutomator is designed to automate the data synchronization of small to mid-sized business and larger companies too!  We can support those with 50 products or 50,000 products in the online retail marketplace.  We’re designed to grow with you!

How many channels can you support?

We have no limit to the number of channels we can support.  Our software is very robust and our goal has always been to help you be as flexible as possible and open new markets for you and your products!

How often do you update prices?

There isn’t a set interval for pricing updates as the system does it when necessary.  Our system tracks changes and posts the necessary updates to your channels to make sure you are staying on top of market changes.  But, we’ve also incorporated a one-click update within the system that you can do manually at any time you wish!

Of course, the software can be complicated and you might have many questions for us.  If so, please feel free to visit our Contact Us page and reach out to a member of our team with your questions or concerns.  We will be back to you very quickly with the answers!