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Meet Matt Manzella, Our Newest Customer Success Manager

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Matt Manzella

We are pleased to announce the hiring of Matt Manzella, who joined the Customer Success Team as the newest Customer Success Manager. Matt brings a decade of experience from the technology industry, where his focus was on developing programs to support customer growth.

Matt provides a wealth of technical knowledge and a profound ability to connect resources. In his new role, he manages the customer success team activity and focuses on enhancing customer experiences and service delivery. Based in Milford, CT, Matt works remotely as part of the company’s flexible culture.

Matt’s expertise in customer relationship management adds excellent value to StoreAutomator as the team continues to grow.

“Matt has a remarkable ability to quickly understand complex concepts and technologies. That, along with his strong solution-oriented instincts, identified him as the ideal candidate to lead our Customer Success team,” said Gökhan Erkavun, our Co-Founder & CEO . “Matt’s passion for connecting is evident, and we’re already seeing his positive impact on our customers.”

When he’s logged off of work, Matt enjoys spending time skiing, golfing, and exploring. He’s also an avid book collector with an impressive library of over 1,000 titles.