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Enhance Your Online Sales with Advanced Fitment Data Management

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At StoreAutomator, we recently released a significant update to our product that transforms how ecommerce businesses can manage and utilize fitment data in addition to the standard product information management. With this enhancement, our platform now allows seamless management of fitment information, enabling accurate and efficient product listings across major marketplaces like eBay.

Fitment data, sometimes referred to as compatibility data, is critical information that details which parts fit which vehicles. This data includes specifics such as make, model, year, and other distinguishing details that ensure a part is a correct match for a vehicle. In the context of online retail, fitment data guides customers in finding the correct automotive or powersport parts for their specific vehicle, reducing the risk of incorrect purchases and enhancing customer satisfaction by ensuring compatibility.

How This Update Benefits E-Commerce Businesses

Our latest update leverages eBay’s Master Vehicle Lists for Cars and Trucks and the Master Powersports Vehicle Lists for Motorcycles, ATVs, and more (pw: VehicleList) and allows for the automated population and monthly refresh of fitment data directly within our platform, offering several key benefits:

    • Time Efficient: Automating the updating of fitment data saves valuable time and resources for businesses, reducing the tedious and error-prone manual process.

    • Data Accuracy: By utilizing eBay’s comprehensive vehicle lists, the data populated through our system is reliable and up-to-date, minimizing errors.

    • Customization and Control: Businesses retain control by choosing the correct match for their products. Users can review and select the correct fitment data matches before sending them to marketplaces, ensuring perfect alignment with each product’s needs.

    • Seamless Integration: Our solution sends the Extended Product Identifier (EPID) to the sales channel. This integration simplifies the management process and enhances listing accuracy on major platforms.

    • Cost Savings: Automating data entry and updates frees up resources, allowing businesses to focus on growth and customer service.

    • Marketplace Compatibility: Seamless synchronization of fitment data with relevant marketplaces enhances the visibility and accuracy of product listings on these platforms.

Managing fitment data effectively is not just about automation – it’s about leveraging data to drive business outcomes. Accurate fitment information directly influences buying decisions by reducing uncertainty, thereby fostering trust and loyalty among customers. It decreases the likelihood of returns due to compatibility issues and improves SEO for product pages by aligning with specific search queries related to vehicle compatibility.


StoreAutomator’s product update marks a significant step forward in the management of fitment data for ecommerce business. By harnessing the power of automation and detailed data management, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve higher sales conversions.

For more information on how StoreAutomator can transform your ecommerce operations, book a demo, here.


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