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Case Study Overview: Real-World Success Stories Powered by Mirakl

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Marketplaces have become a pivotal element in today’s ecommerce landscape, fundamentally transforming how consumers shop and how businesses operate online. Mirakl is a leading global provider of marketplace software solutions, offering businesses the technology, expertise, and ecosystem to launch, manage, and scale their own online marketplace. Their platform empowers B2B and B2C organizations across a wide range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, and services, to extend their digital commerce capabilities, increase their product assortments, and enhance the customer experience.

By leveraging Mirakl’s marketplace platform, companies can onboard a vast network of sellers to offer more products and services, driving increased revenue without the overheads associated with inventory and logistics. The platform is designed to be adaptable and scalable, ensuring that businesses can grow their marketplaces in alignment with their evolving strategies and customer demands. Mirakl’s focus on innovation, combined with a strong commitment to supporting its clients’ success, has made it a preferred partner for organizations looking to embrace the marketplace model as a core component of their digital transformation initiatives.

Mirakl collaborates with a diverse range of businesses across various sectors, showcasing the scalability and adaptability of its marketplace platform. The companies partnering with Mirakl span multiple industries, including retail, manufacturing, electronics, home goods, fashion, healthcare, and B2B sectors. This wide-ranging collaboration illustrates Mirakl’s capability to cater to different business needs, whether they are large multinational corporations, fast-growing ecommerce platforms, or niche specialty stores.

The scale of businesses Mirakl works with is equally impressive, ranging from well-known global retail chains and department stores to specialized online merchants and B2B providers. These businesses leverage Mirakl’s platform to expand their product offerings, enter new markets, and create seamless shopping experiences for their customers. The platform’s flexibility and scalability make it suitable for enterprises of all sizes, enabling small businesses to grow and large corporations to innovate and maintain their competitive edge.

By partnering with Mirakl, these businesses not only expand their ecommerce capabilities but also embrace the shift towards a digital-first, customer-centric approach.

The Mirakl Advantage – Success Story Highlights with StoreAutomator Integrations

Image: Mirakl Connect platform

With hundreds of active marketplaces, and more on the way, let’s take a look at some of the most popular and provide some helpful resources to help guide you through what’s involved to start selling.

Case Study 1: Best Buy Canada

Best Buy Canada is a leading consumer electronics retailer, known for its wide range of electronics, appliances, and mobile products. Their marketplace platform extends their product assortment beyond their traditional offerings, targeting tech-savvy consumers seeking the latest in technology and electronics.

    • Integrating with StoreAutomator: To start selling on Best Buy Canada’s marketplace using StoreAutomator, a business would need to set up their product listings on the platform, ensuring they match Best Buy’s categories and standards. They would then synchronize their inventory and pricing, configure order management workflows, and utilize StoreAutomator’s channel management features to maintain consistent product information and streamline operations.

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Case Study 2: Dia & Co

Dia & Co specializes in plus-size clothing, offering a curated collection that caters to women seeking stylish and size-inclusive fashion options. Their marketplace platform is dedicated to broadening the availability of diverse fashion choices, emphasizing body positivity and fashion-forward trends.

    • Integrating with StoreAutomator: Sellers looking to join Dia & Co’s platform via StoreAutomator should focus on aligning their products with Dia & Co’s inclusive size range and fashion ethos. They would upload their product data to StoreAutomator, ensure their inventory aligns with Dia’s target market, and utilize the tool to manage listings, orders, and customer feedback efficiently.

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Case Study 3: Kohl’s

Kohl’s is a well-known retail chain offering clothing, home goods, and beauty products. Their marketplace expands their catalog, targeting a broad consumer base interested in quality and affordability. The platform focuses on family-oriented products and everyday essentials.

    • Integrating with StoreAutomator: To start selling on Kohl’s marketplace, vendors should use StoreAutomator to list products that align with Kohl’s main sales categories, ensuring they adhere to Kohl’s quality standards. Integration involves syncing product listings, managing inventory levels, and setting up fulfillment processes in alignment with Kohl’s customer service expectations.

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Case Study 4: Macy’s

Business Overview: Macy’s is an iconic department store offering a wide range of products from fashion to home furnishings. Their marketplace platform enhances their assortment, appealing to shoppers looking for quality, variety, and the latest trends.

    • Integrating with StoreAutomator: To onboard Macy’s marketplace, sellers would leverage StoreAutomator to align their product offerings with Macy’s diverse catalog, focusing on brand consistency and customer appeal. This involves detailed product data management, inventory control, and seamless integration with Macy’s order processing systems.

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Case Study 5: Shop Premium Outlet

Shop Premium Outlet is known for offering high-end brands at discounted prices, targeting bargain hunters and fashion enthusiasts looking for premium brands without the premium price tag.

    • Integrating with StoreAutomator: Retailers can integrate with Shop Premium Outlet using StoreAutomator by ensuring their premium products are competitively priced and accurately listed. They need to manage their inventory effectively, keep pricing updated, and ensure that their listings meet the outlet’s luxury branding and customer service standards.

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Case Study 6: Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s is a luxury department store, famous for its upscale selection of designer clothing, accessories, and home goods. Their marketplace caters to affluent consumers seeking high-quality, trend-setting products.

    • Integrating with StoreAutomator: Vendors aiming to sell on Bloomingdale’s marketplace would use StoreAutomator to curate and manage listings that resonate with Bloomingdale’s high-end consumer base, ensuring product listings are upscale, inventory is meticulously managed, and the luxury brand ethos is maintained in every customer interaction.

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For each of these businesses, utilizing StoreAutomator involves comprehensively setting up product listings, ensuring inventory accuracy, streamlining order management, and maintaining high-quality standards to align with each marketplace’s unique requirements and customer base – all from within a single platform. In addition to those marketplaces featured above, StoreAutomator can connect to any of the Mirakl Marketplaces.

Mirakl Connect Platform

Key Takeaways from the Success Stories

There are lots of opportunities to sell on Mirakl’s marketplace platforms and brands will typically enjoy:

    • Increased Sales: A significant outcome for businesses integrating Mirakl has been the substantial growth in sales. This increase is primarily due to the expanded product ranges and the ability to cater to a wider audience, thereby boosting revenue potential.
    • Improved Customer Reach: The marketplace platform has enabled businesses to extend their market presence both geographically and demographically. By offering a more extensive array of products and services, companies can attract a broader customer base, including new segments that were previously unreachable.
    • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Mirakl’s streamlined marketplace management tools have allowed businesses to improve their operational workflows, reducing the complexity and cost of managing vast product inventories and numerous seller relationships. This efficiency gain translates into faster response times to market changes and improved service levels.

The Future with Mirakl

The landscape of online marketplaces is continuously evolving, driven by technological advancements, changing consumer behaviors, and emerging business models. Anticipating future trends can help businesses stay ahead of the curve. Some likely directions include:

    • Personalization and AI Integration: Enhanced personalization, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, is set to redefine customer experiences. Marketplaces will likely offer more personalized recommendations, tailored shopping journeys, and predictive search functionalities, creating a more engaging and intuitive shopping environment.
    • Expansion of B2B Marketplaces: The B2B sector is expected to increasingly adopt marketplace models, facilitating smoother transactions, broader product ranges, and enhanced procurement processes. This trend will likely open new opportunities for businesses to expand their market reach and streamline B2B sales.
    • Sustainability and Ethical Consumerism: With a growing emphasis on sustainability, marketplaces might introduce more features that highlight eco-friendly products, sustainable practices, and ethical sourcing, aligning with consumer values and expectations.
    • Blockchain and Enhanced Security: The integration of blockchain technology could enhance transparency, security, and trust in online marketplaces, facilitating smoother transactions, better fraud prevention, and improved supply chain verification.
    • Omnichannel Experiences: The blurring lines between online and offline retail will likely lead to more integrated omnichannel experiences, where marketplaces play a crucial role in unifying these channels, offering seamless customer experiences regardless of how or where the customer chooses to shop.

Mirakl is well-positioned to support these future trends and innovations in the marketplace ecosystem. Their platform is designed to scale with businesses, accommodating expanding product ranges, increasing numbers of sellers, and growing customer bases, ensuring that companies can adapt to market changes and growth opportunities and through StoreAutomator’s integrations, we can help get your products in front of new shoppers quickly.


Mirakl’s platform is renowned for its flexibility and adaptability, catering to a wide array of industries including retail, B2B, electronics, fashion, and more. Its ability to fit various business models and sizes demonstrates its versatility, making it a top choice for companies looking to launch or expand their online marketplaces. As the ecommerce landscape evolves, Mirakl continues to innovate, aligning with future trends such as AI-driven personalization, sustainability, and omnichannel retailing. Its ongoing commitment to technology advancement positions it as a key player in shaping the future of online marketplaces.


Are you ready to elevate your business and thrive in the dynamic world of ecommerce? Discover how StoreAutomator/Mirakl can transform your online business and connect you with a broader customer base. Whether you’re expanding your product range, entering new markets, or optimizing your customer experience, StoreAutomator’s integration with Mirakl’s platform offers the tools and support brands need to succeed.

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