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StoreAutomator – A Quick Introduction!

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StoreAutomator A Quick Introduction

StoreAutomator is the ever-expanding Multichannel Listing and Multichannel Management Software that helps your online retail business by offering easy to use software that includes:

  • A multichannel management module that can help you expand your reach and develop new income streams, and
  • A product data management module that provides extensive data management techniques that will help you enhance and customize your data  
  • An inventory management module that can manage your inventory levels over multiple channels,
  • An order management module that enables multi-warehouse and fulfillment management including Amazon FBA.
  • Our Amazon Repricer module that automates your pricing to improve your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box more often while also helping to improve your sales and profitability!

StoreAutomator software was created by our founders as a result of a specific need.  While operating their online retail store, with nearly 10,000 products being sold in over a dozen different channels and markets, they discovered that the current software programs available weren't meeting their needs. They found that software was either too complicated, didn't offer enough flexibility or were just too expensive for what they needed to do!  So, they decided to create StoreAutomator as a multichannel ecommerce management software to fit their needs and it was used exclusively within their current online retail business.

However, as often happens with self-developed software, they realized that there might be many others in the small to midsize markets that could benefit from the software they've developed. So, StoreAutomator has become available to the public!


Right now you might be saying to yourself “most of these software offerings are pretty much the same, so how exactly is StoreAutomator different?”

A great question answered with a few simple points.

  • StoreAutomator makes it easy for you to DECIDE to use and easy for you to START using.
    • We work on a month-to-month contract…no long-term contracts that tie you into a product that isn't working for you.
    • We offer a 15-day free trial of the software so you can decide if it's right for you.
  • StoreAutomator's pricing is a flat rate based on the number of product and the number of channels.
    • Quite a few software offerings charge you a percentage of your sales. With our flat-rate structure, you can count on a fixed cost for your software rather than one that can fluctuate wildly.
  • We allow Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management and MultiChannel Listing for all major marketplaces with key features:
    • Dropship from multiple suppliers
    • Allows product mapping
    • Preparing product data feeds
    • Brand inclusion and selling in Europe and Canada
  • Our support is fantastic!
    • One of the co-founders of StoreAutomator is actually the lead programmer, so you will always be certain of top-level support throughout the entire process!
  • It's easy to use!
    • Every business owner is busy. There isn't a lot of spare time to “figure out” how a software works. That's why the StoreAutomator software is simple to use and very intuitive and it comes highly recommended for your ecommerce business!

There's much more to learn about StoreAutomator so we invite you to continue to review our website where you will find a lot of additional information.


Of course, you can always reach out to us and we would be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns or even set up a demo to show you a bit more about our product under a live setting, Call us NOW at 1-973-542-2188!