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Last-Minute Tips To Boost Prime Day Sales

The most wonderful time of the year – for Amazon sellers – has arrived! Amazon Prime Days will hit storefronts on Tuesday, July 12, and Wednesday, July 13, 2022. The now-iconic annual days of sales, begun in 2015, appeal to many online shoppers for the anticipated deals and down-to-the-minute flash sales in nearly every consumer goods sector. 


And the shoppers show up. Last year, Prime Day sales totals surpassed $11 billion, making it one of the site's most profitable days. 


As an Amazon Seller, these days could mean big business for your store or products. So with only a few days to go, we'll break down some of the must-know information and essential tasks to help your store achieve record sales these Prime Days. 



1. Check Your Inventory

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the most important thing you can do right now is to make sure you know exactly how much of each product you manage that you can sell over these two days. 


While the deadline to get Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) stock to the appropriate warehouse passed on June 20, you can still check your Amazon Seller Central to see your current inventory status. This information can help you decide what deals to set and how quickly you anticipate your products being marked as “Sold Out.”


2. Set Your Deals


The deadline for coupon submission has passed, but Prime Exclusive Discount submissions are being accepted until July 8. As you decide on your final markdowns for Prime Day, there are a few factors unique to this year's sales that you should consider.


You're likely aware of the effects of the supply chain crisis on your specific products. Of course, you want your sale to be the most enticing, but you should also consider your expenses in production and distribution before slashing your prices. You should still be making a profit at the end of the day!


On top of that, a new 5% fuel and inflation surcharge is being added for sellers who utilize Amazon FBA this year. This, too, should be considered when tallying expenses and profit.


Prime Day Specials

For additional visibility, Amazon features two particular types of sales: Lightning Deals and Deals of the Day. These sales apply to products in specific quantities for specific windows of time. As a bonus, Amazon often circulates these sales on social media and email lists.


For a boost in promotional material, it may be wise to make sure some of your sales fit the strict criteria for one, or both, of these unique opportunities.


Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are the fastest-pace type of sale on Prime Day. Typically, these deals range from 4-12 hours and can involve steep markdowns. According to Amazon Seller Central, to qualify as a Lightning Deal, a sale product must, among other things:

  • Hold a minimum 3-star rating
  • Include variations, when possible
  • Have a Prime status in all regions
  • Be compliant with Amazon pricing and customer reviews policies

These deals are especially noteworthy because they push potential customers into immediate action. If they don't take advantage of the opportunity right now, they may never get the chance to again.


To submit a deal, log in to your Amazon Seller account and navigate the Deals tab to take the next steps.


Deal of the Day

Deals of the Day usually take place over extended periods and are featured on different sections of the Amazon landing pages. To be considered for a Deal of the Day slot, the sales product must meet the standard criteria for deals.


Frustratingly, there is no specific way to apply to be featured as a Deal of the Day, but keep your eyes peeled. Amazon may reach out to you to promote your product in this highly coveted section. 



3. Make Yourself Visible

You can have the most innovative, lucrative sale featured on your storefront, but if no one can see it, no one will take advantage of it. Below is an overview of some handy ways to optimize your listings and win the buy box.


Product Listing Overhaul

Your product photos may look great, but they must be paired with the right keywords to pop up on the first page of search results. Double-check every piece of text on your listings, from titles and product descriptions to the materials list and your delivery process. Make sure that all your information is up-to-date and accurate.


It's also essential to ensure that your product titles and descriptions appear on the correct results page. This may mean putting in a bit of extra time to make your language more specific or brand-oriented. For example, you can list a “blue women's shirt,” or you can add more refined keywords like “women's professional blouse” in the shade “navy” to capture more search results.



4. Review the Reviews

Today, well over 90% of consumers who engage in ecommerce claim to read product reviews before making an online purchase. So it's well worth your time to look at the top reviews on your Amazon storefront. 


Don't be afraid of the feedback that you already have! Chances are, you have a combination of 5-star, 3-star, and maybe even 1-star reviews currently attached to your products — and that's perfectly fine. Address negative reviews, and note if you've resolved any issues brought up in the comment section. This can make you stand out as a more reliable and communicative Amazon seller, which will help bolster customer confidence, even with poor reviews on your account.


Feel as if you don't have enough reviews to appear legit? While you can't ask customers for specifically positive reviews, now is the time to solicit feedback on your Amazon products. More positive feedback is likely to come from repeat customers or buyers who have expressed positive experiences with your Amazon storefront in the past.



5. Check Your List Twice

As an Amazon Seller, the next few days will be fraught with excitement and anticipation. With Amazon Prime Days right around the corner, now is the perfect time to perform those last-minute touch-ups to your storefront. Whether it's submitting your last-minute sales or connecting with previous customers to request feedback, there's always something you can do to make yourself more visible to the multitude of Amazon buyers.


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