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How Beauty Bridge and StoreAutomator Partnered for 500% Profit Growth

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Beauty Bridge

Beauty Bridge was founded in 2005 as a traditional bricks and mortar beauty retail store. After opening it’s online store, the company started selling prestige beauty and personal care products and became one of the first 3rd party beauty category sellers on in 2008. Changes in the market required Beauty Bridge to re-imagine its business so that it could capitalize on the new era of ecommerce. It meant the company would have to significantly increase its product selection and sales channels.

When looking for a partner to help them make this change. Beauty Bridge was impressed with StoreAutomator’s willingness to adapt their business to support Beauty Bridge's ambitions as well as the hands-on support.

  • How many channels should I be selling in?
  • Who are my main competitors?
  • How can I ensure I’m moving through enough inventory?
  • How can my brand differentiate itself from the rest?

These are questions every business tends to ask when entering into the world of ecommerce, and Beauty Bridge, a now leading multichannel retailer of prestige beauty, health & personal care products, was no different in this mindset.

In this case study, we’ll discover how Beauty Bridge established itself in the health and beauty industry and has scaled exponentially after partnering with StoreAutomator to help streamline its ecommerce operations capabilities.

Who is Beauty Bridge?

Founded in 2004 in Nutley, New Jersey, Beauty Bridge is a privately held retailer of prestige beauty and personal care products. Since opening its brick-and-mortar store over 15 years ago, Beauty Bridge is now a well-recognized omnichannel retailer servicing customers across multiple ecommerce marketplaces and platforms.

“Our business has changed over the years, and now the majority of our business is handled online while supporting multiple brands who sell directly on our website,” says Kate Pienpuck, Chief Operating Officer of Beauty Bridge.

Beauty Bridge is a USA-based company founded as a traditional ecommerce company specializing in prestige skincare and the beauty sector. Since then, it has extended its horizons by covering other complementary sectors such as health and personal care.  As Beauty Bridge continues to grow, today it is positioned as a leading omnichannel marketplace/brand discovery platform for prestige beauty and beyond.

What Were The Challenges?

At the early stages of development for Beauty Bridge, it started becoming clear that ecommerce was here to stay, presenting a lot of upside for growing brands who were able to meet the growing demand for online product availability in the health and beauty sector. However, with many of these new and exciting opportunities in online retail also came various risks.

“As a traditional retailer, there are a lot of things you have to think about. You have to figure out what is going to sell and what is not, and how much inventory you should be holding at any given time. With so many competitors in the market, there is also a lot of risk you need to consider. You have to figure out how to make your ecommerce business scalable,” adds

Knowing this fact, it became clear to Beauty Bridge that adopting a simple buying/selling attitude wasn’t enough to create a scalable platform. They needed to evolve as a business and look for opportunities to scale their operations while finding innovative ways to build new partnerships and create a template for ecommerce success.

This realization was one of the things that brought them to StoreAutomator.

What Were The Solutions?

Beauty Bridge recognized early on that a key to their success was to find a way to build strong relationships with reputable brands in the health and beauty space while proving themselves to be a valuable fulfillment partner. The challenge was growing their assortment across multiple sales channels meant additional costs and resources to manage. However, by partnering with StoreAutomator, Beauty Bridge successfully built its partnerships while streamlining its fulfillment processes through dropship automation.

“Using StoreAutomator’s dropship automation and listing management tools, it helped us bring on more partners and brands seamlessly. The brands we choose work with StoreAutomator to get up and running, and they are supported directly by our team on the backend. Their platform is incredibly scalable….you can support multiple brands at the same time and they are completely independent,” says Pienpuck.

By teaming up with StoreAutomator, Beauty Bridge quickly scaled their partners while automating listing generation across various marketplaces. This level of automation was a game-changer and took the stress and frustration away from building new growth opportunities.

“StoreAutomator is great! Whether you need video uploads, review uploads, anything…it’s all there. If we need anything, they are there for us. We add new brands to our site daily, so it has to work, and it has to be quick,” she notes.

What Results Have They Experienced?

While every business that works with StoreAutomator has its own success story, the positive impact that StoreAutomator has had on the growth of Beauty Bridge is a great story to tell.

Before Beauty Bridge decided to team up with StoreAutomator, they were managing roughly 100 private brands and found it difficult to effectively scale that number. In less than two years after partnering with StoreAutomator, Beauty Bridge was able to scale their supported brands to 500+, giving them countless amounts of new revenue growth opportunities.

With the help of StoreAutomator, Beauty Bridge eliminated the downtime associated with inventory discrepancies due to inaccurate feed reporting. They were also able to cut overhead costs by over 50% across the board when considering labor, packaging, warehousing, and inventory expenses. They continue to have the flexibility to onboard multiple brands a day.

Beauty Bridge is only one of the many success stories that StoreAutomator has helped to support when it comes to multichannel selling. If you’d like more information on how StoreAutomator can streamline your ecommerce operations while giving you a sustainable template for growth and sustainability, request a free demo here.