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How To Find Help For Your Amazon Seller Account

Amazon Seller Account help

If you’re an Amazon seller, you know that Amazon is a complex platform to navigate. It can be challenging when you have questions about utilizing the services and features available to achieve the highest possible sales volume and profits.

Luckily, plenty of resources are available to help — some of whom will charge for their services while others do not.

While the process of finding help for your Amazon seller account can be complicated, it’s not impossible. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re ready to optimize your listings and grow your Amazon sales, and you need help to do that.

We’ll cover some tips and resources for finding reliable help with your Amazon seller account, whether you’re just starting or are an experienced seller looking to grow your sales.

Finding help for a new Amazon Seller Account

Amazon is the biggest ecommerce marketplace in the world, allowing sellers to access millions of customers easily. But, like any business you start from scratch, there will be challenges. So before you create an Amazon Seller account or open an existing one, ensure that you have all your paperwork in order and understand what to expect when dealing with Amazon support.

Some of the best resources for new sellers include:

Amazon’s Seller Resources

Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central is the seller’s hub for managing their business on Amazon. You can access your seller account, manage listings and set up shipping. You can also use Seller Central to view stats, manage your payments and set up a business account.

Amazon Seller Forums

If you’re looking for other people to talk to about your situation, the Amazon Seller Forums might be just what you need! The Amazon Sellers Forums is a community of sellers, experts, support, and knowledge sharing. It is a place where you can collaborate with others on your business strategy, grow and learn from one another.

Find Resources to Grow Your Amazon Sales

Once you’re up and running with your first Amazon business, it’s time to think about long-term strategy. With a growing number of options available for selling online, it may be time to start thinking about finding help from professionals who can offer advice and support on the next steps.

Some of the leading resources for growing Amazon sellers:

Strategies & Consultants

Prime Guidance

Prime Guidance help Amazon Sellers improve business performance, increase sales and grow their business on Amazon. Steve and his team help sellers navigate the challenges of ecommerce on various marketplaces, including selecting the right strategy, optimizing content for faster growth, improving operations to meet marketplace requirements, and leveraging technologies to improve visibility and profitability.

FBA Reimbursements & Auditing


GETIDA is the global leader in Amazon FBA auditing, reimbursements, and consulting services. A certified solution provider on the Amazon Seller Central AppStore, GETIDA audits billions of dollars of Amazon transactions daily. As a result, they’ve helped thousands of sellers get paid faster, protect their earnings, and grow their businesses.

Account Health, Reinstatements & Suspensions


If you’re an Amazon FBA or FBM seller, you may have experienced the trauma of having your Seller account suspended – or run the risk of having it suspended. Unfortunately, with over 1.6 million active third-party sellers on the Amazon Marketplace, account suspensions are a part of doing business with Amazon.

Fortunately, there’s EcomSellerTools. With a 98% success rate with appeals and a track record of helping hundreds of sellers, EcomSellerTools is committed to guiding you through the unique challenges (and opportunities) of the current Amazon landscape.

Accounting Services


Finding the right accounting solution to track your Amazon sales is essential for growing your business. With Atandra T-HUB+, you can streamline the accounting process and eliminate manual work by integrating QuickBooks Online with your Amazon account.

Advertising & PPC Campaigns


Automate Amazon Ads with AiHello and take complete control of your ecommerce marketing on Amazon. AiHello’s proprietary technology, AutoPilot, monitors all your campaigns and keywords and continuously tweaks the bids, adds high-performance customer search terms, and optimizes ad costs to keep your revenue flowing and your ad costs low.


Teikametrics is a Marketplace Optimization Platform that helps thousands of sellers and brands easily optimize performance. Teikametrics’ Flywheel AI fully optimizes the advertising funnel on Amazon & Walmart. With AI-powered, product-first campaign creation, and automated targeting to hourly bidding, every ad dollar is deployed to maximize sales and total growth.


Quartile is an excellent option for sellers looking to take their Amazon selling efforts to the next level. Quartile’s technology combines machine learning, artificial intelligence, and optimization algorithms to supercharge ecommerce advertising across Google Ads, Amazon, Amazon DSP, Facebook, Walmart, and Instacart. In addition, Quartile integrates thousands of customer touchpoints down to the individual product level – no more manual management of ad groups in disparate ad platforms.

Pricing & Analytics

AZ Seller Kit

AZ Seller Kit is a robust pricing and analytics tool that uses high-level algorithms and efficient automation to establish price points that maximize sales and profitability. This revolutionary software gives you complete visibility into your Amazon business performance, allowing you to increase sales and profitability by increasing margins and minimizing operational costs.

As you may have noticed, finding help for Amazon seller accounts can be difficult. However, it’s crucial to your success as an Amazon seller to pick the right experts and guide while working on your account. The resources we outlined above will help you navigate the process, increase your sales, and continue to develop your ecommerce strategy.

Do you need help with managing your Amazon Listings?

Amazon is the world’s leading ecommerce marketplace. You can use it to build your brand and business. To do that, you may need a dynamic listing management tool to help manage your listings, products, inventory, and orders across Amazon and other major marketplaces.

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