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How RBX Active Saves 30 Hours Per Week Using StoreAutomator’s Multichannel Solution

RBX and StoreAutomator

Multichannel selling is a practical strategy for expanding a brand’s market visibility, generating new growth opportunities, and establishing sustainable sources of revenue. However, while more and more companies are beginning to recognize the business value of a multichannel selling strategy, deciding the right way to execute it isn’t always easy.

The last decade has presented equal opportunities and challenges for all brands operating within the ecommerce space. Even before COVID-19 disruptions for in-store and online businesses, migrating to a multichannel selling solution while streamlining operations successfully and managing costs was less of a skillset and more of an art form. These statements couldn’t be true for one activewear brand headquartered out of New York, NY, RBX Active.

Let’s see how RBX Active faced these opportunities and challenges head-on and how they eventually partnered with StoreAutomator to help them streamline operations and maximize efficiency when executing their multi-channel fulfillment strategy.

Getting To Know The Company

Beginning their journey over a decade ago, RBX Active’s founders had a vision and mission to take a children’s activewear sub-brand and evolve it into a well-recognized, full-blown active lifestyle brand. Inspired by the desire to provide communities with the information and tools they need to live happier and healthier lives, RBX Active now produces and sells fashionable, practical, and inclusive fitness essentials and accessories for a wide range of consumers.

“Our company mission is to make fitness and a healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone. We do that by providing quality activewear and related products at affordable prices that allow everyone to Live Life Active!” – Adam Hanan, Director of Retail and E-commerce – RBX Active.

Identifying New Challenges

RBX Active’s mission of making its brand more accessible to a broader demographic hasn’t been met without a certain level of operational and logistics challenges. As an athletic apparel brand with a quickly expanding assortment of products, scaling into a multichannel selling format requires the right tools and solutions.

We are always trying to streamline operations and efficiency while we continue to push growth,” says Adam H.

The use of technology and automation is always a huge help in this area. As well as flexible reporting tools to give us better visibility into trends and what is working vs. what isn’t.”

But as many businesses in the online space quickly realize, RBX Active discovered that there is no shortage of solutions available that promise scalable ways to manage your multichannel strategy but fall short when it comes to adequate levels of service.

We knew we wanted a multichannel management platform, but competitive offerings were either too expensive, too complicated or lacked features,” says Adam H.

For any business looking to successfully sell online in today’s ecommerce landscape, finding the right balance of listing management automation, business intelligence, visibility, and control is critical.

So how did RBX Active get past this operational hurdle?

Finding the Right Solution

There is no shortage of multichannel solutions available to businesses today, but without the proper functionality and support, the value of these paid solutions quickly diminishes. 

After being disappointed by the lack of support, personalized onboarding approach, and overall business results experienced when dealing with some of the larger multichannel solutions providers, RBX Active decided to reach out to StoreAutomator.

Utilizing a highly scalable and flexible multichannel management solution, StoreAutomator presented RBX Active with precisely what they needed to scale their ecommerce presence the way “they” wanted and for a sustainable price.

“StoreAutomator gave us the functionality we wanted at a fixed cost we could handle, and that would allow us to grow,” says Adam H.

We switched over to the StoreAutomator platform just before the start of the pandemic…The support we received was amazing. We truly felt that the StoreAutomator team valued the health of our business as much as we did.

Getting Long-Term Business Results

StoreAutomator is designed to help brands like RBX Active build and execute a multichannel selling strategy that brings accurate, long-term results. By simplifying product data and order management processes, streamlining listing creation across multiple marketplaces, automating dropship fulfillment, and providing real-time business data and analytics, StoreAutomator gives organizations everything they need to scale their operations continuously.

“With online sales increasing significantly across the board and specifically in our industry, we didn’t miss a beat even though we were right in the middle of our transition,” says Adam H.

“We are using StoreAutomator to build and list items on multiple channels, including Amazon and Shopify, and order and inventory management. We also utilize the StoreAutomator API to facilitate custom BI Dashboards and reporting.”

With the help of StoreAutomator, RBX Active could quickly adapt to new ecommerce and supply chain demands following the outbreak of COVID-19. They are now positioned to improve their operational efficiency and overall productivity levels. This has given them opportunities for improvement and helps to pave new paths for long-term business success.

“We save at least 30 hours a week by using StoreAutomator, which saves us thousands of dollars a month!” says Adam H.

“The software handles everything we need for multichannel listing creation and order and inventory management across channels...I love that they are constantly improving the functionality on a regular basis and are open to recommendations along those lines…The onboarding team has been great and very responsive to our needs. Overall, StoreAutomator is excellent value and a fantastic partner!”

RBX Active is only one of the many brands that can attribute part of their success to the multichannel visibility, control, automation, and efficiency that StoreAutomator facilitates. Request a free demo today. Request a free demo today if you’d like more information on how StoreAutomator can help improve your multichannel strategy and execution a free demo today.