The story of StoreAutomator starts back in 2008 when Cofounders Gary G. and Onur Okyay started to be developing web-based tools to better manage the sister eCommerce company Beauty Bridge's ever-growing product catalog and orders in various sales channels. 

In 2011, the Cofounders saw the need to consolidate these tools and create a single system that can be used by other companies with similar needs. That was when they founded StoreAutomator together, and it has been evolving rapidly ever since. 


As a fully remote company, StoreAutomator team members currently reside in the United States and Turkey. Experienced in eCommerce, development, and design, the team enjoys working with merchants to build a multifaceted tool to connect marketplaces, shopping carts, suppliers, warehouses, shipping solutions, and ERPs.

The StoreAutomator team meets in person once or twice each year to plan, work, and spend time together.